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Created in a world full of contradictions,  who are challenged against each other  until they are perfectly balanced.


Fréderique Vanvlasselaer has a particular fascination for porcelain. She loves the pure earthly product and its infinite honesty. 

Fréderique's creations are pure forms where the power is hidden in the simplicity. 


Fréderique Vanvlasselaer studied Ceramics at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent. She works with cast porcelain, a pure earthy product that allows firing at high temperatures creating a thin, strong and translucent object.  In a second phase, Fréderique explores how to apply glazes that create surprising textures on the surface, playing with the light.

The apparent contradictions of light and shadow, form and deformation challenge Fréderique to pursue the art of imperfection. A philosophy of life that is strongly present in all her creations.

The starting point of this process is found in a world full of contradictions who are challenged against each other until they are perfectly balanced. Or as she herself says, by embracing the imperfection, the perfection is created.

Fréderique Vanvlasselaer mainly works with the same color glaze. How differences in application can make the glaze change color and nuance fascinates her enormously. The inspiration for the applied layers comes from textures that arise from decay, such as layers of paint that flake off, cracks in a wall or a rotting piece of wood.

Fréderique's works are further characterized by their organic signature and refined finish. The organic character translates into the soft wavy lines and earthy patterns. 


In her Porcelain Art Studio, Fréderique Vanvlasselaer works on limited editions and custom made works. Since 2021, Fréderique Vanvlasselaer has been in partnership with SERAX.

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